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JOAD Program

The structure of every JOAD program in the nation is different and the coaching techniques used vary widely. We feel that parents and archers should feel comfortable with our goals and have listed them below for you to review. The leaders of the Falcon JOAD program strive to promote these values in all that we do

The NAA has established merit award levels which the JOAD programs can utilize to provide recognition at the local club level. Pins and certificates can be awarded to the archers upon reaching these various award levels.

What does JOAD have to do with Falcon Archers?
A JOAD program was developed at Falcon Archers for the benefit of the children of the general membership; therefore, all JOAD participants must be affiliated with Falcon Archers. This can be met by a parent or guardian being a member of Falcon Archers at any membership grade or the child being a junior member. The member must also remain in good standing.

What equipment do I need?
There is club equipment available which is distributed by coaches and program leaders, such as bows, arrows, arm guards, finger tabs, stabilizers, and releases. Club equipment is meant to be used in a “try before you buy” manner. This means that when an archer decides that he/she is going to continue with that type of equipment, they need to purchase their own equipment and return the club equipment. The maximum amount of time that an archer can use club equipment is one JOAD season. Club equipment cannot be removed from the clubhouse unless a program leader has given special permission. A leader would do that if the equipment were needed by the archer for an upcoming tournament. Club arrows are not to be used outdoors unless a program leader gives specific approval.

What is the cost to join?

There is a registration fee of $85, payable after notification of acceptance into the program. JOAD uses this fee to cover the cost of attending local tournaments (typically 6 @ $12 each) and team t-shirts.  A food donation to the JOAD tournament which Falcon's hosts, is also required and is typically the only "fundraiser". All money received goes towards direct support of the program, such as: targets, training books/videos, merit award pins, USAA club membership, and equipment.


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